Much beloved by the industry, Walter Albini’s contemporaries and experts highlight the far reaching influence of his contributions to fashion.

Manolo Blahnik


“Walter Albini is still for me today the essence of Italian High Fashion… I will never forget the show at Caffè Florian in Venice. Walter has always been extremely modern. When I think of Italian fashion, I think of Albini and no one else.”

‘Walter Albini’, 1990

Gianni Versace

Fashion Designer

“There were many things about Albini that I loved: his frenetic creativity, the way he wanted more than anything else, to make women elegant and timeless.”

‘Walter Albini:
Style in Fashion’, 1988

Marc Jacobs

Fashion Designer

“Albini - the best!”

Instagram, 2023

Carla Sozzani

Editor, Gallerist & Entrepreneur

“Walter Albini was the father of Italian ready-to-wear and was incredibly innovative.”

‘The New York Times’, 2022

Stefano Tonchi

Journalist, Editor & Curator

“He was a branding pioneer, the first creator of Italian fashion to leave the atelier for the factory.”

‘The New York Times’, 2010

Robert Williams

Journalist, The Business of Fashion

“His way of mining fashion history for themes to reinterpret in his collections positioned him as an Italian counterpoint to Paris-based contemporaries like Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent, and a precursor to titans of Italian ready-to-wear like Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace.”

‘The Business of Fashion’, 2023

Angelo Flaccavento


“Walter Albini: a man who is elegant, sophisticated, intelligent as one of the Scott Fitzgerald’s characters.”

‘Fucking Young’, 2023

Veronica Franzoni

Journalist, Harper’s Bazaar Italia

“Walter Albini, the father of prêt-à-porter, changed the pace of fashion and invented ‘Made in Italy.’ Armani’s unstructured jacket, the jersey by Versace, as well as Krizia’s prints are Albini’s inventions. He also created a new way of communicating to the masses while freeing the industry from boring repetition.”

‘Harper’s Bazaar Italia’, 2021

Jackie Mallon

Journalist, FashionUnited

“Before Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace became the monolithic cornerstones of late twentieth-century Italian fashion, there was another figure: Walter Albini.”

‘Fashion United’, 2016

Christopher Petkanas

Journalist, The New York Times

“Walter Albini is the genius who invented Italian ready-to-wear.”

‘The New York Times’, 2010

Bernard Garby

Journalist, Hypebeast

“Albini was one of the ‘it’ fashion designers in Italy that was truly on the level of Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, and truly defined post-war Italian fashion and ready-to-wear.”

‘Hypebeast’, 2023

Nick Sullivan

Journalist, Esquire

“Unsung hero.”

‘Instagram’, 2023