WA, SS 73, London

In 1972 he founded the Walter Albini line, WA, produced
by Misterfox. In December in London, at Blakes Hotel,
he presented his SS 1973 collection called “The Great Gatsby”,
featuring 27 women’s and 6 men’s outfits.
He invented the unstructured jacket.

Once again he drew inspiration from the 1930’s, with chiffon,
tulle and printed lace for women, black and white for men.
As he had not found a producer for outerwear
in time (he had in fact terminated his work with
FTM and Basile), he created the unstructured jacket.

With a collection that has conquered the British, Albini made his debut in England.
Twenty-seven women’s outfits and six for men were enough for the Italian fashion
designer to launch his understated, elegant and classic look, a revision of the fashion
of the 1930’s. To the tune of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, Albini debuted in London
with the first collection from his own line, and was a great success.
The audience had goose-bumps at the applause and the repeated cries of “bravo, bravo!

Il Tempo, December 1972

His clothes were pleasing because they were like dreams.
His talent rests securely on a base of specific culture.
He redesigned what he had dreamed, with modern and acute sensibility.
His garments were liked because they were made with the same stuff that dreams are made of.

Paul Rinaldi, Vanity Fair, November 1990

Albini is the most mediumistic amongst the fashion personalities,
able to see into the past and into the future,
and then create a dream-like image, viewed almost through a mirror.

Anna Piaggi