Groupage Vogue, AW 71/72

He designed for 5 different fashion houses, creating a united line,
and began working with the FTM group for distribution.
He definitively ceased presenting at Pitti and decided to put on a show
in Milan in April in the Sala Oro at the Circolo del Giardino,
presenting the men’s and women’s collection for AW 1971-72.

Basile: jackets / Escargots: pullovers / Callaghan: jersey knitwear / 
Misterfox: evening wear and suits / Diamant’s: shirts

Italian prêt-a-porter was born.

For this collection he created the concept of “groupage” for magazine advertising.

Albini also invented a new way to advertise, using only drawings.  
In addition, he confirmed the concept of “groupage” which he organised for Vogue magazine.

In Walter Albini, published by Carla Sozzani, Milan 1990

Albini has made a supreme illustration of himself, his life and his fashion.

Anna Piaggi, in Paolo Rinaldi (ed.), Walter Albini, Modena, published by Zanfi, 1988

To get to the garment, Walter started from a drawing.
His drawings were not summary sketches but proper illustrations,
which from time to time suggested the themes of the collections
and were inseparable from the environment that represented them.

Anna Piaggi